How Are Drinking Water Quality Standards Determined?

Published: 04th August 2009
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If you care about your health, you may wonder how are drinking water quality standards determined. In the U.S. the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has the responsibility and the authority to see to it that we have clean, healthy water to drink.

The Safe Drinking Water Act that was passed in 1974 and amended in 1986 and 1996 assures us that we are drinking clean water free from contaminates. The EPA assesses our drinking water sources and guarantees us qualified operators treat our water.

These standards apply to a public water system, which regularly serves at least 25 people. This can include your city's water company, homeowners associations, schools, businesses, shopping malls, and campgrounds.

So far this sounds great and a much needed service. The problem I see with how are drinking water quality standards determined, is the safe standards are set for a 175 pound healthy male, and assumes he is consuming only one contaminate.

I think we all know that not everyone in the U.S. falls into that category. The ones that concern me most are the children, the elderly, and anyone with a weakened immune system. These standards do not take these people into consideration.

Even if you are a 175-pound healthy male the danger from two or more toxic chemicals together is greater than just one toxin. We all know that there is more than one contaminate in our water supplies - things like arsenic, lead, chlorine, pesticides, weed killers, pharmaceutical drugs, and others.

Safe levels are less when you have more than one toxin involved. In other words, just because the level of lead in your water tests safe, when you combine that with the amount of another toxin, such as arsenic, the amount of lead is no longer safe because of how your body interacts with both toxins - the lead and the arsenic.

The standards the EPA sets are just not a good way to determine what is safe and what isn't. So don't concern yourself too much with how are drinking water quality standards determined. Instead install a home water filter to protect you and your loved ones.

That is the only way you will know that all toxins are removed from your water. When looking for the best unit to buy, be sure it combines carbon filtration with a sub micron and a multi block filter to be sure you remove all the contaminates. When you use these types of filters together you can be certain you end up with clean pure water.

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Juanita Ruby is passionate about health. She knows our bodies contain more than 70% water, thus the quality of our water greatly affects our health. She uses a water filtration system to purify her water. Visit her website at to discover which water purification system she trusts for her health.

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